Remembering our fallen military heroes this Memorial Day

As America remembers our fallen heroes this Memorial Day, special ceremonies honoring members of the military who lost their lives have taken place all day in Houston. 

The ceremony at the Harris County War Memorial for our fallen members of the military was put on by County Commissioners Tom Ramsey and Jack Cagle was absolutely touching, as was the event held in the Heights, hosted by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. 


Music from Houston bands, including the U of H Downtown Mariachi Band and Booker T. Washington High School Band, was played during the ceremonies.

And heartfelt words were delivered. 

"We want to remember all of those who gave their lives for all of us," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told the crowd gathering for the service.

And through songs like Amazing Grace, the Star Spangled Banner, and musical renditions such as Taps, on Memorial Day, Houston honored the men and women in the military who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 

"Who went into battle and did not come home. The names are many, so we stand on sacred ground. Never will we forget the fallen in battle," Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee says.  


"Memorial Day is a day of national awareness and solemn reverence. A day for us to honor the military men and women who gave their lives in defense of our nation, its values and our freedom," Major Jason A. Sanchez with the United States Army adds.

"When people around you simply see Memorial Day as a day off work, for those of us that have experienced loss, it can be very isolating and lonely, which makes events like this all the more important," says U.S. Marines Corps Major Katie Cook.  

U.S. Navy Veteran Nicholas Little's beautiful voice cracks as he becomes overwhelmed with emotion while paying tribute to his fallen colleagues. 

"Sorry y’all, it’s emotional for me." Little says to the crowd.

"Our veterans protect our freedom, our democracy, and our way of life. Without our veterans, there would be no land of the free, home of the brave," says Navy Veteran and Mayor’s Director of Military Affairs, Robert Dembo III.  


With tributes that include a 21-gun salute and a moment of silence, our American heroes are honored and will never be forgotten.

"And no one knows more the sacrifice than the Gold Star families, those immediate family members of service members who gave their life in defense of our freedom." says Alexandra del Moral Mealer.  

"If you love your freedom, thank a veteran. If you love your peace, thank a police officer and a first responder. I see so many different faces, different races, and religions of servicemen and women, it wasn’t their difference that brought them together. It was their similarities and we as a country, I think it's time to put that petty stuff aside for a moment. I think it’s time for us to take the spirit of these warriors, the names that are on this memorial (in the Heights) and in their name we need to come together," says U.S. Army Veteran Sgt. Phil Blackmon who defused bombs in the military, fought and was injured in Iraq.