Reagan Bregman talks with FOX 26 about starting her own athleisure line

We followed up with Reagan Bregman, the wife of Astros third baseman, Alex Bregman, about life as a new mom and starting her own brand.

FOX 26's Natalie Hee spoke one-on-one with Reagan. Three months ago, she and Alex welcomed baby Knox on Aug. 1.

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"With having Knox, I think it's going to be really cool one day to be able to tell him like, 'Hey, look what happened when you were born. And when you were a baby, we took you with us,'" Reagan said.

Traveling for road games with a newborn has become a lot more complicated from adjusting to different time zones, feeding every three hours, and packing.

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"I have to bring so much stuff for him right now because he's such a little baby, so yes, packing is very different. I pack for myself last and I only packed for thirty minutes. It's crazy. I used to take forever to pack and now we're just shoving it in the bag. We make sure we have his stuff ready first," Reagan said.

"He wears headphones at the games and especially like the playoff games, I haven't brought him to all of them, but the ones that I have brought him to, it's pretty loud. So, I bring his doona. I love the doona. If I had any advice for new moms, it would be to get doona because it is amazing. It converts into a car seat. Someone explained it to me once, it's like a transformer of baby strollers; and that's exactly what it is," Reagan said.

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Despite juggling new mom life and the insanely hectic schedule of post-season travel, Reagan does it all without compromising her fashionable flair. In fact, she recently became an entrepreneur, launching her own athleisure line.


"I launched an ethical athletic wear company with my mom. It's called Exiza. We actually run it out of my old bedroom, my old house. My parents live out in Fulshear, so we run it out there. But I've absolutely loved doing it. I always wanted to create a brand that empowered women and I feel like that's exactly what it is and what it stands for," Reagan said.

Combined with Alex's incredible performance in the 2022 World Series, the Bregman's have a lot to celebrate including their upcoming two-year wedding anniversary next month.