FOX 26 speaks one-on-one with Alex Bregman's wife, Reagan, about being baseball wife, new mother

The 2022 postseason has been a lot more hectic for Reagan Bregman. Three months ago on August 1, Reagan and Alex Bregman welcomed their son, baby Knox.  

"I used to think I was so busy before, you know, because there's so many games or every day. We're always traveling, always packing, unpacking. Now with a newborn. I was not even busy before," Reagan said.  

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Reagan said the most challenging part about traveling with a newborn for road games is the sleep schedule. 

"Just having the feedings every three hours and making sure I'm staying on top of everything while we're out; making sure I have enough bottles, making sure you know he goes to bed at the right time. With like the game in Seattle, he stayed at it and it was 18 innings long. I kind of prepared a little bit for that, but now I'm definitely very aware that things might not go as planned, and I need to be kind of over prepared for everything," Reagan said. "I think it's amazing that we went on a World Series run the year that we had him. And Alex did so well the month he was born."

"It's been really amazing to watch him become a father and also just kind of see this new side of him, too, because it's a little different now. When he comes home, it's not just focused on baseball. It's like now you have a family, and you have a son. He requires all of our attention, when we're at home," Reagan said. 

"I think it's really been amazing to kind of watch him also still keep performing so well on the field, and kind of have a new motivation for it, too," Reagan continued. 

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Even with Bregman mustering up all the new dad energy, Reagan says she never shies away from a good superstition; the latest one involving Kate Upton, ace pitcher Justin Verlander’s wife.   

"Kate had never held him and I handed her to him, and he, Alex, hit a home run. I mean, I'm not kidding you like within 10 seconds of me handing Knox to her. And so, we kind of we're joking, we're like all right. You gotta hold him now, you know, because we need Alex to hit more. I mean, I will wear the same outfit if I have to. If we win. If he has a home run, I'll like wear the same outfit the next game. Our whole family is very superstitious."