Fans from opposing teams put aside rivalry to road trip to World Series game

Two rival fans on a delayed flight to Houston for the World Series, decided to put aside their rivalries and road trip together instead. They bonded over their love for baseball and ended up becoming friends. 


Todd Augular and Amanda Cabrera were two strangers from Milwaukee trying to get to Houston for game 1 of the World Series. Amanda is an Astros fan and Todd is a Phillies fan.

The two were supposed to fly from Milwaukee to Houston with a layover in Dallas. However, their flight was delayed by nearly 7 hours and their new arrival time would've caused them to miss the start of the game.  

"I overheard her at the ticket counter, and she was like I have to get to Houston. I heard her say that, and I was in my full Phillies gear. I turned to her, and I was like if you're trying to get to Houston. I have a car that I'm picking up in Dallas, more than happy to take you the rest of the way there," Todd said. 

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"She told me right after, I'm an Astros fan, and I was like, Ooh! Hmm. Maybe I'll take that back," Todd continued. 

"And I was like it's too late," Amanda added. "You already offered. I'm going too late. Can't take it back," Amanda said. 

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A road trip from Dallas to Houston that was supposed to take 3.5 hours, turned out to be 6.5 hours with traffic and rain delays. And while there was some initial hesitation of getting inside a stranger's car, Amanda explained her worries were quickly put to rest. 

"It ran through my mind for like a split second, like this is a stranger," she admitted. "But you know, just talking to him seemed like a cool guy. He told me where his seats were, and he had great seats. I was like, oh no, he's not going to risk missing this game, so I feel pretty safe at that point." 


The two said they plan to stay in contact and are already planning their next adventure. 

"We're talking about getting together in Milwaukee now that we're both back and going to a winery or two. Amanda can meet my wife and my 10-month old daughter. So we'll make something work here," Todd said.