Alex Bregman, Mattress Mack surprise family with 6 World Series tickets

It was Eli House's dream to go to the World Series and now his dreams are coming true all thanks to Houston Astros player Alex Bregman and Houston icon, Mattress Mack.

The 2022 World Series starts at 7:03 p.m. at Minute Maid Park and tickets can get expensive which makes it nearly impossible for a young Astros fan to purchase, but House was willing to work for it.

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He set up a lemonade stand in front of his house to hopefully make enough money to buy some tickets himself.

Eli thinks he needed "probably like $1,000" to go to the World Series. When asked how well his stand went, Eli waved his hand and said "eh, okay", but that didn't stop him from working toward his goal, even after he only made about $3 selling lemonade.

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A spokesperson from Breggy Bomb said they came across the video on social media. They were impressed with House's ambition to sell a lot of lemonade, so they decided to reach out to Bregman and the team to see what they could do.

"Notes got to Mack, got to Alex, we got the team on the ground, and we were able to pull it off. I thought it was just going to be just a couple tickets, Mack stepped up and sent the whole family, all five of them, and an extra. So they're gonna have a great time tonight," the spokesperson says.

The Breggy Bomb team showed up at the House residence on Thursday to surprise them with game tickets, a video message from Bregman himself, and even the Breggy Bomb mascot.

"This is very exciting," said Eli. When he was asked if he thought he had a chance of going to the World Series and the boy just shook his head saying, "No, not at all."

The family was presented the tickets at Mattress Mack's Gallery Furniture store where they received another surprise.


The House's originally thought they were only receiving three tickets, but when Mack met the family, he went over to his desk and pulled out extra tickets for the whole group to attend.

"When I heard the story about Eli and having a lemonade stand to raise money to buy World Series tickets. He didn't quite make it. A lot of us entrepreneurs fail multiple times before we ever make it. Certainly, rang a chord with me because I failed a lot," said Mack.

Eli's hard work has been recognized and now he can watch the game from Minute Maid Park with his family. He can even enjoy some lemonade while there if he likes.

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"I am near tears, over the moon, so excited. The Astros are so special to us and this opportunity is so crazy. My kids get to see it, go to a World Series game, it's beyond," said Eli's mom, Jenni House. "We are an Astros-loving family, we go to opening day every year."

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The entire family shared the excitement to attend the game and never thought anything like this could happen.

Bregman's Breggy Bomb team is just happy they could pull this off. "Rewarding effort with this little guy, he stole our hearts."