Protesters demand justice following shooting death of 22-year-old Joshua Feast

Passionate protesters took to the street Saturday following the recent death of Joshua Feast.  The 22-year-old was shot and killed on December 9th by a La Marque police officer.

"I just want justice," said Lakeisha Feast, Joshua’s mother.  "For [Officer Jose] Santos to be fired and brought up on charges."

Lakeisha was one of several dozen demonstrators at Saturday’s protest.  The walk started outside a supermarket and continued to the La Marque Police Department.

Feast, a father of 2, was shot and killed by La Marque PD Officer Jose Santos.  Earlier this week, the police department released body camera video worn by Santos that night.  According to feast’s family, the 22-year-old was shot once in the back.

"After seeing the video, we feel the same way as anyone else with any type of logic," said Mathia Preach, a demonstrator.  "To see a man that was trying to get away and shot in the back.  There’s no way you can keep using the lie that you were in fear for your life, when you shoot someone that was running away from you."

Feast had been a person of interest in recent shootings.  In addition, he was wanted for 2 outstanding warrants.  According to La Marque PD, Santos says he shot Feast after seeing the 22-year-old with a gun.

"If another police officer shoots somebody, they need to know this is going to happen," said Alberto Flores a protester.  "It’s not going to be just swept underneath the rug."

The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the shooting.

"Black and brown people are prosecuted for everything under the sun," said Preach.  "You’re going to prosecute us for everything.  So, when these cops step out of line, and out of bounds, they need to be prosecuted."