Proceeds from new 'Houston' song benefit schools hit by hurricane

A group of musicians in Los Angeles has debuted a song called "Houston" with all proceeds benefiting Houston Independent School District music programs impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The charity single was inspired by a deep desire to help out, as its author, Reggie Calloway, watched Hurricane Harvey's devastating blow from across the country.

"A lot of times we feel like, well, what can I do?," said Calloway. "You know, it's so far away, or they need so much money. What can I do? I'm a song writer, so that's my gift...what that meant was writing a song that touched a chord, but also bringing together people to make that happen."

Reggie and his brother Vincent, known for their hit 1990 song "I Wanna Be Rich," brought on Walter and Wallace Scott of The Whispers, Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge, Kevin Toney of The Blackbyrds, Brian O’Neal of The BusBoys and musicians Freddie Washington and Herman Jackson, among others.

The result hit iTunes on Monday.

Calloway says all proceeds from the song "Houston" will benefit music programs at schools hit hard by flooding the in the Houston ISD.

"When you lose instrument and books in a flood, people tend to just let it go after a while and say, oh, they didn't need those instrument," said Reggie. "But as musicians at our heart and as songwriters, we know what the power of music is."

Reggie says he's planning a concert in Houston in the spring to continue helping in the hurricane relief effort.