Prayer vigil held for missing Alvin teacher Michelle Reynolds

Close friends and family members held a prayer vigil for Michelle Reynolds, who’s been missing for 18 days. 

"You just can't get your head around that she’s gone,’ says Maggie Reynolds, Mother-in-Law.

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The prayer vigil was held to show continued support for the Reynolds family as they try to find Michelle.

Michelle is described as a loving mother and community member, a mother of three, and a teacher at Fairview Junior High in Alvin, who has been missing since September 26.

"We are just all incredibly devastated this is happening in our family, You never think that it would happen in your family," says Maggie. "And it’s been 18 days today with no significant leads."

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She says her son, Michelle’s husband, Michael, is hoping to spread the word in hopes of finding his wife. 

"He is back in Alvin now to care for the children," says Maggie. "He is torn between being home with the children, and being there searching for his wife, but for how the kids need him."

Around Sept. 27., a New Orleans company released surveillance video after Michelle’s gray Lexus was found near the business. The business released the footage to Michael. 


Texas Equusearch, who is involved in the search, was also at the prayer vigil. They mentioned a recent photograph that shows Michelle Reynolds walking on a street in downtown New Orleans on 9/23/22. That's the last time she was seen or captured on video. 

"There have been possible sightings, but they’re all dead ends," says Sheila Orrenmaa with Texas Equusearch. "Her shirt has been found, the shirt she had on with that jacket."

Michelle is said to be perhaps not in her normal mental state.

"Bottom line, we want to bring her home safely, and we are not stopping," says Orrenmaa.

If you have any information about where the missing teacher might be, contact the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office at 979-864-2392 or the New Orleans Police investigators at 504-821-2222.