Police investigating murder of young father in Juniata

The happy meal 22 year old Brian Cerrano bought for his son is still strewn in the street Thursday afternoon.

An everyday symbol of childhood now marking the spot where a father was gunned down left right where Cerrano dropped it when someone shot him more than a dozen times outside his girlfriend’s home on the 2900 block of Mascher Street.

Cerrano was reaching back into the car to take the baby out of the car seat when he was shot.

"14 got him, 5 in the head and 9 in the chest."

Cerrano's aunt among family gathering to grieve the father of 3. Lighting candles and comforting one another.

Police say it was just after 1:30 in the morning when they got the report of someone shot.

His girlfriend and her mother ran out of their rowhome when they heard the gunfire and drove Cerrano to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Miraculously his son Nilan--still strapped into the backseat as bullets rained down around him--was not hurt.

"His son was in the middle of this situation and thank god he's OK."

Police Commissioner Ross said, "We don't have any leads right now. There's no witnesses to speak of. So we need the public’s help in that investigation."

Authorities have no motive for the attack. Cerrano's cell phone and keys were found at the scene. Loved ones can't believe anyone would kill a father feet from his baby.

"Someone that doesn't have a heart.”