Police and city leaders investigating Baytown Animal Shelter

Police in Baytown are tight lipped about their investigation at the city's animal shelter saying little more than they've collected potential evidence and are reviewing several months worth of records.

"I was contacted when they initiated the investigation and I assured them I would make my staff available to them, said Mike Lester Baytown's Health Director. "Other than that they haven't visited with me yet and I know they probably will."

Two former animal control officers, one terminated the other left voluntarily, shared some disturbing animal cruelty allegations with us and shelter volunteer Shontel Purdy.

"Improper and illegal euthanasia animals being euthanized in front of one another," Purdy said. "We've had instances where they claim animals were suffocated."

Shelter volunteer Lou Sisk says the state investigated the Baytown shelter for shoddy paperwork involving spade and neutering.

"They don't monitor it and they don't require the paperwork to come back and there's nobody there to check up on it," Sisk said.

More than a dozen angry residents made it clear to city council Thursday night they think it's time for new management at the shelter.

"Because we do not hav management that is advocating for the animals," Sisk said.

One angry volunteer told city council, "You don't have an animal shelter gentlemen you have a death camp."