Pillowcases may contain more bacteria than toilet seats, report finds

A new report from mattress company Amerisleep reveals that not washing your pillowcase for just one week could result in about three million bacteria, which is roughly 17,000 times more bacteria than found on the average toilet seat.

The study highlights the importance of maintaining hygiene in the bedroom, as dead skin cells, sweat, and makeup residue can accumulate on sheets and pillowcases, attracting dust mites and promoting their growth.

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Dermatology experts recommend changing or washing pillowcases at least once a week to minimize the risk of bacterial buildup and potential health issues. The accumulation of bacteria and dust mites on pillowcases can lead to skin irritations, allergies, and other health concerns for individuals who are sensitive to these allergens. 


Amerisleep's findings serve as a reminder to prioritize bedroom hygiene and cleanliness, as neglecting to wash or change pillowcases regularly can lead to a significant increase in bacteria and other allergens.

By adhering to expert recommendations, individuals can help maintain a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.