Respiratory illness being monitored

U.S. health officials are monitoring a mysterious respiratory illness infecting children throughout China. States like Massachusetts and Ohio are reporting high numbers of similar illnesses in kids but at this time, health experts say the cases are not linked to China.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation event in Houston

You may not know but Dec. 1, is World Aids Day and in just a couple of hours, Janet Jackson will headline the AIDS Healthcare Foundation event at NRG Arena to continue raising awareness about the disease.

CDC says life expectancy rose in 2022

The 2022 rise was mainly due to the waning pandemic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers said Wednesday. But even with the large increase, U.S. life expectancy is only back to 77 years, 6 months — about what it was two decades ago

Men's Health Month highlights preventable sicknesses

In recognition of National Men's Health Month in November, health experts emphasize the preventable nature of illnesses affecting men. The campaign aims to address the resistance some men feel about seeking medical care and encourage proactive health management.

CDC increases RSV vaccine distribution

As winter sets in, the CDC is releasing over 77 thousand additional doses of BeYFortus, an RSV vaccine for infants, to combat a surge in infections across several states.