Parents blame Harris Co. criminal justice system for son's murder

"Jecory was a loving happy person. He would always make you laugh," said Antoinette Miles Jecory Miles' mother. "He had two kids of his own I really enjoyed him and he will truly be missed."

When 27-year-old Jecory Miles was gunned down three weeks ago, a four-year-old and a six-year-old lost their father.

"We still haven't caught up with ourselves we're still trying to make it each day as best we can," said Jecory's father Tremain Miles. "It's been real devastating."

Police say Wilburt Smith, 23, and Louis Anthony Shoulders, 25, are responsible for Miles' murder.

"None of this should have ever happened because they both should have been in custody months ago before this occurred," said Andy Kahan with CrimeStoppers.

According to court records, Smith and Shoulders committed an armed robbery together in 2015.

They both got a big break back then: probation instead of prison.

"While on probation both of them were charged with additional violent crimes," Kahan said. "In Smith's case, he was charged with at least three."

But instead of revoking their probation 248th Criminal District Judge Hilary Unger let the pair post bonds after they allegedly committed new crimes even allowing Shoulders to remain free on just a PR bond.

Now both men are behind bars charged with murder.

"They shouldn't have been let out at all to do this to my son," Antoinette Miles said. "My son did not deserve this at all."