Parent to Parent: How to see if your child could be struggling following AstroWorld tragedy

The tragedy at AstroWorld is affecting more people than you may think.

Counseling services are being offered, and it’s a tool that parents may really want to consider for their child whether or not they went to the concert.

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"My own son who is 17 years old, high school in Fort Bend County, he says that’s all they are talking about at school right now. They are talking about this traumatic event that happened in our city, so it is impacting so many people on so many different levels," said Tiffanie Williams-Brooks, who is a licensed professional counselor with The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD.

Most recently, they have been helping adolescents impacted by Friday’s tragedy.

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Your child might be suffering and you or them, might not even know the impact.

"It is everywhere right now. I would tell parents who are struggling with this or wondering how this is impacting my child, ask that question," said Williams-Brooks. "It is ok to ask questions, it is ok to find out, if you want to hang out with him, I need to talk to that parent. I need to talk to his mother, but a lot of parents feel as I stated earlier, that once a kid gets to a certain age- they can do this on their own. No, that child still needs a parent involved, they still need to be directed. They still need to be supported and guided. They aren’t adults yet," she said.

Educating parents of the red flags is key, according to Williams-Brooks.

They include:
-being on their phone for a long time
-not socializing
-not eating as much
-being secretive 

Taking them to a professional counselor could be a lifesaver.


We are continuing the conversation about this crucial matter Thursday on our Livestream on our social media platforms at 3:30 p.m. with the Harris Center. I can answer your questions, so please be sure to join. 

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