Parent to Parent: The best parenting style

There are many parenting styles, but many mental health professionals agree, one specific way is best for your children.

With a set of 6-year-old twin boys and a 2-year-old little girl, Dr. Janet Chen is in the thick of parenting.

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"We are all trying to navigate this world of being busy parents. It is your stress; you have a lot going on. Your kids are needy, they need your help, and then in the meantime, you are trying to figure out well in this setting, how to react appropriately and respond to them," said Dr. Chen.

She is a child and adolescent psychiatrist at UTHealth Houston and says she agrees with many fellow mental health professionals that authoritative parenting is the most beneficial for your child although hard to do.

"You are trying to achieve a balance between allowing independence and fostering maturity and growth in your kids and a lot of that has to do with positive parenting, so making sure you are rewarding good behavior," said Dr. Chen.


You should allow your child to make mistakes to learn from them and set limits.

"There needs to be consequences. There needs to be discussions about what happened. How do we make changes to this behavior and how do we do better?"

Key takeaways to be an authoritative parent:
-responsive to child’s emotional needs
-have high standards
-set limits
-enforce boundaries

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"The key is consistency and making sure that you are staying in a routine with it because we want to send the same message to the kids because kids function better when they know what to expect," said Dr. Chen.