Parent reacts to Santa Fe HS shooter deemed 'not competent' to stand trial by doctors

Rosie Stone, the mother of Santa Fe High School shooting victim 17-year-old Chris Stone, is reacting to news that the accused shooter has been found not competent to stand trial by medical professionals.

Monday morning, the defense attorney for the teen charged in the Santa Fe High School shooting says his client's trial date has been pushed back due to being found not competent by three mental health professionals. He will be examined by state medical professionals again in 120 to 180 days.

Stone issued the following statement to FOX 26:

"I feel numb right now, my gut told me a few weeks ago this would happen. I tried hard to mentally prepare myself for this news....but it went nothing how I thought. My heart is broken and nothing can make it feel better till the day our domestic terrorist gets his life sentence and we know all the facts on May 18th. Parents should not live in the dark like this.  The pain is unbearable at times. I want to know every last bit of information they have on Chris' last moments of life. They have it, but we have to cater to the "RIGHTS" of the domestic terrorist murder while the victims live in agony. This consumes me day and night. I need to know.. our hearts need to mend at some point.

 I miss him every waking handsome hero Son." 

Stone has been active in making schools a safer place. She traveled to Washington D.C. and Austin to speak with legislators against bills involving school safety, mental health, and victims' families.


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