ONLY ON FOX - former Houston ISD officer at center of 'shakedown'

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For the last four months, Reba Wright has been waiting for justice. She says the behavior she experienced at the hands of a Houston Independent School District police officer is unforgivable.

"I saw that he was serious and he kept putting his hand on his gun, so I really got paranoid," says Wright. "I really got scared and a few tears ran down my eyes."

The story begins at a Kashmere Street apartment complex back in December 2015. Wright says that is when a woman, who FOX 26 News will not identify, inquired about a unit for rent.

Wright, the apartment complex manager, says the woman eventually paid a $300 deposit in March 2016 but decided not to move in after waiting a prolonged period of time.

"From three weeks to a month, there is no refund of your deposit because we have held the apartment for you with the intention that you are going to get it," explains Wright. But the woman did not accept that answer so the potential tenant had several people to call seeking a refund on her behalf.

Wright says on April 27, a Houston ISD police officer, who identified himself as Roosevelt Hopes, arrived to the complex. She adds that Officer Hopes also identified himself as the brother of the prospective tenant who wanted that $300 deposit back.

When Wright told Hopes, "This is a civil matter, sir. You're not supposed to come over here. You're HISD," she says he responded by telling her, "I can do anything I choose. I am a peace officer. I want my sister's money back."

Wright says Hope left and then returned to the office two hours later, demanding the money again. She also says Hopes called for backup and two more units arrived at the complex for that $300 rent deposit.

"He used his uniform to harass and intimidate me to get his sister's money back because she didn't want the apartment no longer," says Wright. She adds that Hopes walked away with the money and even left a receipt on the back of his business card. The apartment manager says she felt like she was shaken down by law enforcement officers acting on behalf of a family member.

"If they're doing that to people that are not in HISD, what are they doing to those children in school?," asks Wright.

Houston ISD released the following statement: