Munster Mash Art Extravaganza in Houston to feature famous actors, artists

A reboot of the classic TV sitcom "The Munsters" came out on streaming last month and on Sunday, actors from the original show helped kick off the Munster Mash Art Halloween Extravaganza in Houston.

Actor Butch Patrick, who portrayed Eddie Munster, delivered the classic 1960s Munster Koach car to its new owner, Nicholas Leone, on Halloween Eve. Leone is the owner of the Animazing Gallery and is hosting a special art extravaganza for families in light of Halloween.

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"We wanted to do this show on Halloween weekend because it’s so fitting being ‘The Munsters’ TV show," Leone said. 

Families can come dressed in their best Halloween costumes, snap a picture with the Munster Koach, check out nostalgic, original art pieces on sale, and meet the artists. 

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"A lot of the artwork is timeless because of the original illustrations of the books we grew up with and children are still reading today; from Winnie the Pooh to Paddington Bear, to Charlotte’s Web. We also have artwork that’s original artwork from Charles Adams, Charles Schulz," Leone said.

The gallery features fine art pieces from famous artists such as Houston-based John Douglas, who also happens to be the drummer for the band Aerosmith. 

"I paint when I’m on tour and in hotel rooms and stuff. After a show, I go back to my hotel, and I work on paintings. The canvas is rolled around a PVC pipe, and I carry black paint and I carry white paint in my brushes and that’s it," Douglas said.

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Attendees will also have the chance to meet Alan Bodner, an Emmy award-winning art director, and long-time Disney animator, who gave FOX 26 a preview of his talents. Bodner currently serves as the Art Director for the Mickey Mouse Funhouse. 

"I will look at the image I’m kind of going from, and I just put it away because more time than not, it starts to look a lot better if I don’t follow the exact. I like to rough it out so I am kind of doing that right now. I do like to work with a pencil just to get my sketches going. And then from that, if I was doing this as a full painting, I would really start to add my color into it," Bodner said. 

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Other artwork being showcased includes works from Tim Burton, Charles Schulz, Dr. Seuss, Charles Addams, Stan Lee, Bob Kane, Alex Ross, Chuck Jones, Gene Simmons (KISS), John Douglas, Alan Bodner, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, Hanna-Barbera Studios, Marvel Studios, DC Comics, Mel Balatbat, Nicoletta Ceccoli and more.

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Munster Mash Art Halloween Extravaganza


Munster Mash Pop-Up at Complete Pictures located at 3701 W. Alabama Street, Houston, TX.


October 30 and 31 from 12 to 6 p.m.


Butch Patrick will be on location on October 31 from 4 to 7 p.m.