Mother says racist comments were made to her son

Sunday afternoon, Barbara Lampley and her family decided to go bowling at Emerald Lanes in southwest Houston. At one point, one of her sons ran up to her and mentioned a comment another bowler had made.

"My son came up to me and said 'mom that man called me an animal, a black animal'. First of all, you don't call them that, but if they are doing something I'll come and correct the situation," says Lampley. She says she walked over to the man and confronted him and that he told her the same thing.

She says, "you insulted my children, you called them black animals, you need to tie them up with rope, that's what they need, none of that was okay".

FOX 26 contacted Emerald Lanes for a statement. A manager over the phone told us that the family was asked to leave after the parents became irate and that the man left voluntarily.

Lampley says she was never asked what happened before being asked to leave the property, so she asked to speak with a manager.

"So I got the main manager's phone number. I called him and he said 'well I understand what you're saying, but I don't think that was racially driven'. Yes it was, yes it was and even if it wasn't it's still really inappropriate and for you to ask us to leave and not this man who insulted one of my children, that's not okay," says Lampley.

Lampley called to file a police report but was told that no laws were broken. Originally, she wanted to be refunded the $80 the family spent, but now she says she just wants the man that said these comments to know that it hurt her.

"If we don't like start calling this out when it's happening, it will just get worse and worse and I want to see change, I have little boys and I don't want them to grow up in a world like this." says Lampley.