Mother accuses teacher of abusing her child

 Mary Courtney says it all started at the end of last week when her son Christian came to her after school. He’s a 6th grade student at KIPP Liberation College Preparatory off Martin Luther King Blvd. He says a paraprofessional teacher kicked him. "She had kicked my foot and said get your a** up and lets go take your medicine", says Christian Courtney.

His mom says he has ADHD and is on the autism spectrum and that sometimes has a hard time paying attention in class. "He stated that the para had been kicking him as a result to waking him up and he really didn't like that and if I can speak with her and I said sure", says Mary Courtney.

Courtney says she sent an email to the school but that after no response, it happened again. Christian Courtney says, "she had kicked my foot and said lets go put your things in my locker".

"A little shaking of the shoulder, calling his name will work but at no time a teacher has my permission or anyone has my permission to kick my child like he's an animal", says Mary Courtney.

It wasn’t until Wednesday night that Courtney decided to take it to the authorities. After speaking with a Houston police officer she says they advised her to file a report with campus police.

Thursday morning she says she got an email back from the district stating the paraprofessional had been put on leave.

A statement provided to us by KIPP Houston Public Schools states, "The proper authorities have been notified of this allegation, and the teacher has been placed on leave pending a full investigation. We are cooperating fully with the investigation. The safety and rights of all of our students is always our highest priority."

Courtney says this isn’t the first time she has had a major complaint with teachers at the school, but that she just wants her child to be able to go to class, learn and come home like all the other students.

"There is a serious issue and a third party needs to come in and do an investigation", says Mary Courtney.