Mother, 3 kids saved after pickup T-boned SUV into traffic pole; DWI possible

SUV pinned into traffic pole after being T-boned by pickup truck on S. Gessner at 59 Feeder.

A mother and her three children were transported to a Houston hospital late Wednesday after a two-car rollover crash left them trapped inside SUV.

Harris County Precinct 5 deputies came upon the crash as Houston Police and Houston Fire Departments were en route after reports of parties trapped. 

It happened around 10:15 p.m. on South Gessner at the 59 Feeder.

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Deputies found an SUV rolled over and pinned on its side, up against a traffic pole. A woman and three children were inside the SUV.

A man was found inside the pickup truck that T-boned the SUV.

Deputies were able to get the children out of the SUV, while HFD had to extricate the mother.

All five people were transported with non-life-threatening injuries to a Houston hospital.

An SUV rolled over on its side, pinned into traffic pole after being T-boned by pickup truck on S. Gessner at 59 Feeder.

Witnesses told HPD that the driver of the pickup truck was at fault, reporting that they saw him run a red light immediately prior to the crash.

That driver is believed to be under the influence, so HPD is conducting a DWI investigation at the hospital.

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