Michaels' valet worker dies after getting shot twice in West Houston

The Houston Police Department is investigating a shooting of a valet worker at Michael's near 8609 Pagewood Lane on Sunday in a parking lot.

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Police say around 4 a.m., officers discovered a 30-year-old man, identified as a valet worker, fatally shot. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

 The shooting began when a person crashed in the parking lot. The valet worker took one of the drivers involved in the accident to the location, as they planned to pay for the damages, according to authorities. 

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Police believe the valet worker had escorted the person to the parking lot while the other driver involved in the incident went inside the club. However, during that time, another person arrived and attempted to rob the valet worker at gunpoint.

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During the robbery attempt, the gunman shot the valet worker twice, pulled him out of a car, and began rummaging through his clothing, according to police.

The identity and description of the suspect are currently unknown. Houston Police are currently interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage outside the club for clues about the gunman's identity. 


Anyone with information regarding the shooting is encouraged to contact local law enforcement.