16-foot Rudolph decoration stolen from outside Houston family's home, massive reward offered

A Houston family is looking for the giant inflatable Rudolph stolen from their front yard early Thursday morning.

"They stole from neighborhood kids in all reality," said Ernest Furman. "That’s essentially why we do it. Stealing Christmas, I mean we’re not going to allow them."

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The incident occurred near Loop 610 and T.C. Jester Boulevard. Surveillance video shows a woman unplug the 16-foot tall reindeer and drive off. Moments later, the woman comes back with a helper. The two stuff the reindeer into a pickup truck and drive away.

"It’s bad," said Ernest’s younger daughter.

The Furman family enjoys decorating their yard for the neighborhood. Alongside where Rudolph sat, is also a giant inflatable Santa. In addition, they have a decorative mailbox for kids to send letters to Santa.

"I don’t know what kind of person would come by and take Christmas decorations," said Furman. "I really don’t. Christmas is about giving."

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Ernest says they had hoped to use Rudolph for an annual Toy Drive put on to help Houston area kids in need.

"It’s really about the kids," said Furman. "I don’t know how it would benefit them more over there, than here."

The family is now offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to their missing Rudolph decoration, or the people responsible.

"I wanted to make it worth someone’s while to turn them in," said Furman. "I don’t know if $2,000 is the number in 2023, but it’ll get there."

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If you’d like to donate, or join the annual Toy Drive event mentioned above, click HERE for information.

If you have information on the missing Rudolph call, (888) 938-7393 Ext. 700.