Manvel man accused hanging noose to threaten family

A Manvel man is accused of using racially charged tactics to intimidate his neighbor. Now, community activists are demanding action from officials.

Kat Ducommun from Manvel said her neighbor has been harassing her and her family for over a year and a half. She said he sent his dogs to intimidate her sons, blasted his commercial-grade lights at her home throughout the night, and in the most recent incident, used a noose to threaten her son.  

"Nobody should have to deal with this. My kids should not have to deal with this," said Ducommun. "He hung the noose up right after I called the police about the dog this last time."

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The mother is speaking out after she says her family has been targeted by a neighbor for racially charged behavior.

"Then he put two nooses, not one, two nooses in the tree and told this family ‘This is for your little boy," said Quanell X, a civil rights activist. 

Ducommun, who has two Black sons, said when she called the Manvel Police Department about the nooses they claimed there was nothing they could do because it was freedom of speech.

"What kind of man uses racial hate and bigotry to harass a small child," said Quanell X.

Despite pleas for help from this mother, her calls haven’t gotten any response from officials.


"If something was to happen to him because I don’t want it to get to that point and that’s what I’ve been this whole time is be proactive," said Ducommun. 

"No one within the city’s administration, including law enforcement, has done anything whatsoever to help and assist this family for over a year," said Quanell X. 

The activists are asking for the district attorney’s office to get involved. FOX 26 reached out to the Manvel Police Department about the incident, but they have not responded to our request.