Legal analyst weighs in on Vence's alleged confession in the Maleah Davis case

Remains possibly belonging to Maleah Davis found on an Arkansas roadside are still being tested to confirm identity and cause of death. 

Authorities were able to locate the remains after Derion Vence, the main suspect in her disappearance, spoke to community activist Quanell X and confessed that she was dead and where he dumped her body, claiming that it was an accident.

FOX 26 senior legal analyst Chris Tritico weighs in on the case and what part this confession has to play in a trial.

"Quanell is not a law enforcement officer, so if this guy meets with him and makes admissions like Quanell said he did and it comes into evidence, it can be used against him and can be used to convict him," Tritico says.

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"Many times confessions are not taped, someone just says 'this is what he said to me', and the jury has to weigh the credibility of the evidence," he said. "I believe that as soon as the coroner says this is Maleah, they're going to charge him with capital murder."

However, it isn't guaranteed that Vence's confession will have the opportunity to prove his guilt. If it turns out that Quanell X was sent by law enforcement, the defense could file a motion to suppress the whole story, and exclude the confession from trial.