League City police investigating fight following football game

The League City Police Department is investigating after a report of a fight involving multiple teens earlier this month, officials said. 

Officials said they received a call from a parent wanting to report an incident that occurred around 11 p.m. the night before involving three teenagers, one of which was his son. 

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The parent reported that the three teenagers were attending a party at a home on Vega Court when they were beaten by numerous males who were also attending the party. 

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Officials stated an active investigation is ongoing and interviews are being done with victims, witnesses, and suspects, as well as reviewing numerous video recordings of the incident and interviewing those who were in the videos and recorded the videos. 

In a release to FOX 26, League City police said, "While we sympathize with the victims and their families and understand that they want an immediate resolution involving an arrest or arrests, our department must ensure that a thorough investigation has been done before any charges are filed."