Fort Bend County: Woman wanted after abandoning a dog after hours at a shelter

(Source: Fort Bend County Animal Services)

A woman seen on surveillance cameras leaving a dog at an animal shelter after hours when it was closed could face criminal charges. 

The dog that was abandoned on Sunday is now wanted in homes all over Houston

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Buddy is what workers at Fort Bend County Animal Services have named the Chihuahua mix. He’s an older dog. Rene Vasquez Director of Fort Bend County Animal Services says Buddy clearly once was someone’s pet, likely an indoor dog, who seemed very sad to be left alone at a shelter.

At this point, it isn’t clear if the woman who left Buddy is his owner or if she found him, and was attempting to do a good deed. 

Vasquez wants to remind us someone could be charged with abandonment for abandoning an animal.

Vasquez says while they continue to search for the woman who left Buddy, several people have called inquiring about adopting him.