Lawsuit demands NFL star follow city ordinances, deed restrictions

"The dogs have been terrorizing the neighborhood since day one," said Attorney John Kovach.

According to a Missouri City police report, NFL star Trent Williams has had up to 12 dogs, mostly Pittbull Mastiffs, living in a huge kennel in his backyard.

"The dogs are dangerous," Kovach said.

Last month, Jerry and Linda Flowers say some of Williams' dogs attacked and killed their dog Sandy.

"No apology, no sympathy, no respect, no remorse," said Jerry Flowers.

Last month, Williams told us Sandy got in his yard and attacked his dog first.

"Not buying it," Kovach said. "In fact, the evidence is the exact opposite."

Kovach says he sent two letters to Williams asking that the dogs be removed.

"His response was a big middle finger," said Kovach. "He literally sent an emoji of a middle finger."

Now, Williams is named in a lawsuit.

That suit alleges the Washington Redskins tackle is blatantly violating six deed restrictions and or city ordinances.

This kennel, the lawsuit alleged, is a commercial business Williams is operating in the backyard of his posh home.

We called Trent Williams to see if he wanted to respond. He didn't call us back.