La Porte fire: Woman confesses to starting fatal house fire

A woman faces charges of murder and arson after confessing to igniting a fire at her home, resulting in the death of an elderly resident in La Porte. Sarah Leanne Flores admitted to starting the fire that claimed the life of Connie Fortune. 

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The fire happened Monday morning around 6:50 a.m.. Emergency responders rushed to the scene of a structure fire in the 300 block of S. Virginia Street. Authorities say the intensity of the blaze, compounded by heavy smoke, hampered the rescue efforts, leaving Fortune trapped within the inferno.

Despite the efforts of the La Porte Fire Department (LPFD) and other first responders, they could not rescue Fortune from the engulfed home. Following the incident, the La Porte Fire Marshal’s Office (LPFMO) and the LPPD Criminal Investigations Division inquired into the fire's circumstances.


Through investigation, authorities uncovered compelling evidence implicating Flores as the suspect behind the deliberate ignition of the fire. Motives for her alleged actions have also come to light, leading to the acceptance of murder charges by the Harris County District Attorney’s office.