Kiss a mom for Mother’s Day to raise awareness about children’s mental health

Pucker up! Here's an excuse for moms to get an extra kiss from their kids this Mother's Day weekend! A non-profit organization of celebrity moms is using the special occasion to pair with mental health awareness month, trying to save children's lives from depression and death by suicide. 

A few powerhouse moms started the non-profit organization "Your Mom Cares". Sharon Feldstein is the mom of actors Beanie Feldstein and Jonah Hill and she's working with her life-long friend, Patsy Noah, singer Adam Levine's mom. They've teamed-up with many mega-moms of stars.


Notoriety through their high-profile kids is helping them spread the word about seeking help for depression and anxiety.

"’Your Mom Cares’ came about after a PSA that we did for the Affordable Care Act in 2014 with President Obama, and that ended with #yourmomcares and Sharon recognized that as a fantastic phrase and something we could build on. And then we came together a few years later. After vetting a lot of causes, we are now celebrity and influencer moms, supporting kids' mental health and changing the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness," states Patsy.

Their awareness campaign has never been more relevant or necessary.

"The number two cause of death in 10 year olds and above in the United States is suicide. 10 year old kids are dying by suicide. We did this pre COVID, but since COVID, It's a tsunami! 25% of kids over 18 have seriously contemplated suicide or attempted suicide or died by suicide, 25%," states Sharon.

Suicide prevention information: Where to get help

Every one of us can join them! You can help spread the word that help is available for depression. No one should have to suffer alone, especially our kids. You can hop on social media and join their inclusive effort to send kisses to all.

"We're already seeing so many kisses. It's kiss your mom, kiss a mom, have your kids kiss you, kiss a mom in your life, if it's your mentor or your aunt. Post it on social media and use #yourmomcares. You can see I'm excited, we get kisses from all over the world! We get baby pictures of Michael B Jordan, we get all sorts of great things, and it's just to create awareness! It's an awareness campaign for kids' mental health! Obviously, if people would like to donate, we would love to have it because we've done extraordinary work. We call ourselves the Netflix of non-profits, we create our own content and fund others, but if you don't want to donate you just want to have some fun. I also say, if you want an excuse for kids to kiss you, tell them to kiss you. It's for kids mental health, we'll put it on social media," states Sharon.

The ladies also challenged us at FOX 26 to get our kids to pucker up for a good cause.

"Tell them, whoever they like has done it, like if they like Adam or Michael or Jonah," laughs Sharon. "We love seeing them all. We love reposting them, so tag it #YourMomCares and #kissamom, it's really fun and we grow by bringing awareness," says Patsy.

"We want people to understand that this is a crisis, and we have come up with innovative solutions to this crisis, one is called RX Well, it's a super cool, fun app prescribed by a pediatrician, that has resulted in 70% reduction in anxiety and 60% in depression, which is huge in children, we're going to Phase Two, and we're adding suicide," says Sharon.


Being the moms of superstars is definitely providing the platform to spread their important message. 

"We welcome anybody to contact us and join us in the effort. It’s just very, very important for kids. It was pre-pandemic and now especially as we enter post-pandemic, to be mentally well and to be anxiety-free! We don't want anything to lead to something more serious like suicide. So for me, having dealt with this a little bit in my circle of friends and my family, it's very important. It's THE most important thing," exclaims Patsy!

No more stigmas. It's mental wellness, not illness.

Again, all you have to do is post a picture of you getting kissed or a picture of you kissing any mom and use #YourMomCares and #KissAMom.

You can also share a link of their resources, but the goal is to let followers know that help is plentifully available to treat depression and that suicide is not an option.

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