Dealing with addiction during the pandemic

The pandemic has been a challenging time for people dealing with addiction. What are the signs you can look for in a friend or family member who may be struggling to cope? How do you talk to them about the issue? Vaughan Gilmore, with the Menninger Clinic, shares some advice.

Last-minute Thanksgiving shopping

Time is running out to pick up Thanksgiving essentials. FOX 26's Nate Griffin is live at HEB in Sugar Land with a look at how things are going.

FOX 26 Family Feast: Lina de Florias

Our own Lina de Florias is not a master chef, and she owns that. So for our FOX 26 Family Feast, she made sure to share the love with local family-owned businesses with some help from her husband and the Spring Fire Department.

Recipe: Black beans

If you need a quick dish in a pinch this Thanksgiving, FOX 26 Anchor Jose Grinan has a hearty black bean recipe that can be done in a matter of minutes.

De-boning a turkey at Hebert's Specialty Meats

Hebert's Specialty Meats makes quick work of de-boning your holiday turkey. They're also offering alternative Thanksgiving main courses like their popular turducken, a seasoned, deboned turkey stuffed with boneless duck, chicken, and cornbread dressing.