New products to help new mothers

FOX 26's Reporter Rashi Vats stopped by the Motherhood Center in west Houston to give you a look at the latest products hitting the market to make motherhood a little bit easier.

Testing anxiety: new book designed to help kids cope

A special education teacher in the Pasadena school district wrote a book to help kids battle test anxiety. She says her children inspired her to do it. We're taking a closer look at why a book like this can really help families.

New year, new job

The holidays are over and hiring is picking back up. April Maggio, Regional Sales Practice Director with Corestaff Services, stopped by Houston's Morning Show to share some professional advice on landing that new gig!

What parennials need to know about their child's screen time

A lot of parents are more worried about the content their child is viewing rather than the amount of time their child is spending in front of a screen. With that in mind, an expert from Family Houston offers up some important advice for moms and dads.

Don't waste a minute of your vacation

Travelers waste almost a full day of their vacations because they are scrambling to figure out what to do next. So how do we get the most out of our getaways? Step 1: make an outline.

Marathon-recovery stretches

Stretching is important after any workout, especially after running 26.2 miles. Reach Stretch Studios demonstrates some post-marathon stretches.

Are you your worst enemy? Stop pushing your emotional buttons

Humans are reactive, and many times we take on other’s problems and make them ours. We react impulsively and insensitively to others because we pushed our own buttons long before anyone else did. Many arguments and conflict we engage in are of our own making.