Katy's new superintendent speaks with FOX 26

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In the early 1980s he was tackling people as a Taylor Mustang football player. Dr. Lance Hindt returned this week to tackle the big job of educating about 74,000 students at Katy ISD.

"It's an opportunity to come back to a district that did so much for me when I was in school," Dr. Hindt said during our interview today in his new office.

Hindt already visited his high school alma mater to reminisce and meet future graduates. He says when he graduated in 1982, there was no 9th Grade Center, and no Performing Arts Center, let alone a 2 story student parking garage. But to him, it still had the same great feel.

"It was exciting. I remember my locker combination, 28, 9, 16," Hindt told us. "Now I'm sure they've changed the lockers since then."

Hindt takes the reins of what is already one of the best school districts in the Texas. Katy ISD excels not just academically, but in extra curricular activities and co-curricular activities as well.

Hindt says that cannot be taken for granted.

"Complacency can set in. The status quo," he says. "That's what we don't want."

Hindt has nothing but praise for his predecessor,Alton Frailey, who led the district through explosive growth maintaining high academic performance. But he seems to have heart that some believe Frailey left the district scarred and divided.

"I haven't seen separation or a divisive atmosphere, but again, it's day three." Hindt says. "I'm just hoping to hit the ground running, allow staff to get to know who I am, and get to know my personality."

Hindt calls himself a "blue collar" superintendent who will roll up his sleeves to do the job.

"With technology today, I can do a lot of my work on the road when traveling to schools, because I think it's is my job to be visible and supportive to campuses."

Dr. Hindt says the over next 6 months he'll be getting to know the community and each and every school. He'll look at strengths and look for weaknesses, so he can begin setting goals on what he wants to accomplish.