Inflation driving up fuel, food prices, impacting Houston Food Bank

Inflation continues to drive-up costs for everyday necessities across the country.

This week, the average price for a gallon of gas in Houston surged above $4 for the first time ever.

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"I’ve got a pick-up truck, and it’s burning a whole lot more [fuel]," said Robert Brown.  Guess what, [now] I’m riding a motorcycle."

According to some estimations, food costs have increased by roughly 10% compared to last year.

"Usually I have a basket full of food," said Carmen Mendoza. "[Now] I’m just getting what I need, and the gas prices are ridiculous. It’s expensive. You have to pick and choose what you need."

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Outside a grocery store in Houston’s Fifth Ward, we met Penny Harris. Harris says she’s a single mother trying to keep food on her family’s table.

"Gas prices are way too high," said Harris. "Grocery prices are neck and neck with gas. It’s stressful. I want to be able to get some gas [and] get affordable groceries. Be able to go home comfortably. Not have to look at my receipt and all the money I spent, and how much I have to put towards the next time I go grocery shopping. My grocery list gets shorter every time."

As a result of inflation, the Houston Food Bank is noticing more people needing assistance.

"Stores are selling everything out," said Brian Greene, President/CEO of the Houston Food Bank. "Prices are going up. That means less going out to food banks. At the same time, we’re seeing longer lines, and at the same time financial contributions are down significantly."


According to Greene, they were using an average of 15 trucks per day to deliver food two months ago. In comparison, Greene says they now need 17 trucks.

"Lines are actually getting longer again," said Greene. "We spend $3,000 a day just on diesel for the trucks alone. When you’re spending money that fast, donations are going down, and prices are going up, it really hits."

The Houston Food Bank is the largest in the country. If you’d like to donate, or volunteer, click here.