Houston police will be out in force during Astros games and watch parties

Fans won’t be the only ones gathering at Astros watch parties and at the big game. Houston Police will also be there in force. 

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There have been a couple of very visible and violent incidents regarding fans at or leaving Astros games this season and Houston Police are warning and encouraging folks to knock it off when it comes to brutal behavior as the ’stros start the playoffs.

"This is something we can all be excited about and have a smile on our faces and let’s enjoy it," says HPD Asst. Chief Matt Slinkard.

As crowds gather to cheer on the Astros at the game and throughout the city, Houston police officers will be there, as well. 

"We will have plenty of resources out there during every game of this series, resources both seen and unseen to make sure we keep the public safe," Slinkard explains.

There have already been a couple of tragic confrontations including a White Sox fan first having a drink poured on his head and then punched at an Astros game on camera last week.

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In July, 17-year old David Castro was shot and killed after leaving an Astros game with his dad and brother in an unthinkable road rage incident. 

"There’s none of us that, despite our best efforts, can ever prevent every single thing from happening but rest assured we will be out there and we will be out there in great numbers," says Asst. Chief Slinkard, who is reminding you to expect road closures around Minute Maid Park. 

"Crawford between Texas and Congress closed for emergency vehicles only. Congress between Hamilton and Crawford was restricted to two lanes," he continued. "Texas between Congress and Hamilton restricted to two lanes before and during the game. Texas completely shut down post-game between LaBranch and Hamilton [and Preston is closed between LaBranch and Crawford.]" 

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"I would ask that you pack your pride for our Astros and I would ask that you pack your patience," says Slinkard who says that includes being welcoming, enjoying a fun rivalry, and being respectful while doing so. "The last thing we want is any tragic, senseless, avoidable crime to affect anybody in our city."

Chief Slinkard is also reminding us to be alert and safe while walking to and from the game and he says remember scammers will be out in force trying to sell fake merchandise and tickets and pretending to be parking attendants.

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