How your vote affects the Texas grid

You've seen political ads focused on whether the grid is ready for extreme weather after the mass outages in 2021. 

After reviewing what went wrong in 2021, the latest Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report shows if Texas is hit with another extreme weather event like the big freeze, things would play out much the same way: massive supply shortages and millions of Texans at risk of losing power. 

Texas Public Utility Commission Chairman says power grid can endure upcoming winter

Governor Greg Abbott’s appointee for Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, Peter Lake disagrees.

"We can be absolutely certain the lights will stay on this winter, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us," says Lake.  

Controlling the power grid mainly boils down to who you put at the helm. 

Your power is in your vote. 

US Energy Secretary talks trouble with Texas power grid, energy companies reducing Houston’s footprint

These are the politicians and regulators you'll see on your November ballot or the 2022 midterm election: 


-Lieutenant Governor 

-Railroad Commission (1 of 3 seats are on the 2022 ballot) 

-State senators 

-State representatives 

Multiple political appointees donated to the officials who appointed them. Follow the money here.