ERCOT Board Selection Committee members donate big to officials who appointed them

After the 2021 Texas winter storm that knocked out power to millions of Texans for several days, state lawmakers made changes to the oversight of the state electricity grid.

Among the changes was making ERCOT board members political appointees.

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Prior to the changes, ERCOT board members would select their own replacements.

Under the new law, the Texas governor now appoints five members of the ERCOT board of directors with the input and approval of the State Senate. The majority of the members are now chosen by a newly-formed ERCOT Board Selection Committee.

The governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the Texas House each appoint one person to the three-member committee, who select ERCOT board members.

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According to political spending tracker Transparency USA, two of the three appointees are major donors to the Texas officials who appointed them.

One of the selection committee’s first two selections to serve on the ERCOT board, the new ERCOT board chairman is also a major donor to the Texas officials who appointed the selection committee.

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In the video above, we break down how much some of the political appointees donated to officials within weeks of their appointments.

All donations are legal, and it is also legal for state officials to appoint campaign donors.