ERCOT details plan for improving reliability of Texas power grid

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas on Tuesday unveiled a plan for implementing operational improvements to the Texas power grid.

ERCOT delivered their "Roadmap to Improving Grid Reliability" to Governor Greg Abbott, members of the Texas Legislature and the Public Utility Commission.

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Last week, Governor Abbott sent a letter to the PUC, instructing the commission and ERCOT to take actions to increase power generation capacity and ensure the reliability of the grid. According to ERCOT, the plan unveiled this week includes the objectives outlined in the governor’s letter, legislative changes and other reforms.

"Change is required for ERCOT to continue to reliably serve the millions of customers and businesses that depend on us," said ERCOT Interim President and CEO Brad Jones. "We have extensively reviewed our processes to better serve Texans and will continue to work very closely with the PUC to ensure we’re aligned in these efforts. These changes will benefit all Texans and support continued economic growth for the state of Texas."

According to ERCOT, Jones and the ERCOT team worked with the PUC, customers, former regulators, retired industry executives, environmental advocates and market participants to develop the plan.

ERCOT says the 60-item roadmap includes existing and new initiates. It shows what stage of progress each item is in.

"ERCOT’s Roadmap puts a clear focus on protecting customers while also ensuring that Texas maintains free market incentives to bring new generation to the state," said PUC Chairman and ERCOT Board Member Peter Lake. "Texans deserve a more reliable grid, and we're aggressively moving to make that a reality."

Items outlined in the roadmap include working with the PUC to implement new laws from the 87th Legislative Session that reform the governance of ERCOT and reorganize how the power grid is managed.

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Other items in the roadmap include taking a more aggressive operating approach by bringing more generation online sooner if it is needed to balance supply and demand and purchasing more reserve power, performing unannounced testing of generation resources, and adding new requirements for generation owners.

The plan will be updated through the end of the year and is available on