Houston woman is welcomed home after being hospitalized with COVID-19 for 6 months

A Houston woman is finally home after 6 months in the hospital battling COVID-19.

Lollie Jean's family says they spent months thinking they were going to prepare for a funeral. Instead, on Saturday, they organized a car parade to welcome the 60-year-old home.

"It feels almost like the impossible just happened," said Rene Jean, her son. 

Her friends and family feel like they are witnesses to a miracle.

"She proved everyone wrong. All of her doctors say that," said Jamie Primeaux, Lollie Jean's daughter-in-law.

Jean was admitted to the hospital on June 26. She spent weeks in an induced coma. 

"In the beginning, I was out for like 40 days. I was like in a coma is what the doctors told me," explained Jean. 

She was released December 29. 

Jean believes she caught COVID-19 at work in June. While she was in the hospital, her brother and sister also caught COVID-19. Both, she says, died.

"[I] just want to remind everybody to keep safe and protect your elders. Protect your family members that have underlying issues," Primeaux added. 

Jean still has a long road to recovery. She continue to receive physical and respiratory therapy.

"I want to hurry up and start walking again," Jean told FOX 26.

Her family has no doubt she will be back on her feet soon. 

Jean says she is so thankful for the staff at Houston Methodist and Kindred hospitals. She says they are like family to her now and she's is praying for them as they continue to be on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19.