Houston ranked one of the most festive cities in the US

It's the most wonderful time of year and if you're in Houston, then you're in the right spot for getting into the seasonal spirit. 

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According to a study from LawnStarter, which looked at several factors including holiday festivals and European-style Christmas markets serving delicious candies. Its findings showed Houston to be ranked the sixth most festive city in the U.S. 

A closer look at the rankings showed Houston to be the highest listed in Texas compared to its neighboring major cities like San Antonio, which was right behind at No. 7. Austin and San Antonio, meanwhile were ranked No. 15, and 20, respectively. 

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New York, however, took the crown as the most festive city followed by Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Port St. Lucie, FL on the other hand, took the very last place. 

To see the full report from LawnStarter and how other cities fared in comparison, click here.