Houston professionals flock to Humble for unique career day

Some Houston professionals are coming together to encourage kids in Humble at The Rhodes School for the Performing Arts for a unique Career Day.

“When I grow up I want to be a preacher, policeman, fireman, doctor, deacon, usher and funeral home director,” says 10-year-old Johnathan Fisher who is certainly ambitious, but not every student has life all figured out.

This Career Day dozens of professionals have stopped by The Rhodes School to share "personal knowledge about each different career that you can have,” explains 12-year-old Lauren Philpott.

Many who are teaching about what they do also brought props.

“Just kind of sharing with students exactly what engineers do. We brought Dino to help kids understand engineering. He was built by a mechanical engineer. He’s an artificial intelligence with tactile sensors,” explains Sonia Jordan with Schlumberger.

The kids are getting hands-on experience from FOX 26 Photographer Torrey Walker. Our own Human Resources Director Tracey Rivers is showing the kiddos there are many faces at FOX 26 beyond those you see on TV.

Even as I spoke with the kids about being a journalist, the number one question for me is about the illness that’s all over the news right now, coronavirus.

“I’m concerned about Coronavirus because I don’t want it to get into me,” says one 12-year-old, but on this career day, there are also some who hope to study medicine.

"I want to be a pediatrician because I love children,” says 14-year-old Dafny Gutierrez.

I don’t have to ask Nefertiti Miller what she’s going to be when she grows up. She’s only 12 years old and she’s the creator and owner of her own cosmetics company, SugarDoo Cosmetics.

"I just want the students to know they don’t have to wait to be a business owner. They can start right now," she said. 

So many voices from so many professionals.“I hope they have an understanding that their future is very important but it can clearly be cut short if they fail to follow the law,” says Judge Raymond Sanchez.

All were there for one common goal, to be a positive impact on kids and their future.

“This is Johnathan Fisher at the Rhodes School for Performing Arts enjoy your day,” said the 10-year-old while holding the FOX 26 microphone. It appears young Johnathan has added yet one more profession to his list!