Houston PD continues search for driver in hit-and-run pedicab crash

The search continues for the driver who injured three people in a pedicab downtown Tuesday evening. 

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Gloria Fuentes, one of three people injured, spoke with FOX 26 about the hit-and-run accident Thursday but say she and her family, along with the Houston Police Department are calling on the driver of the car that hit the pedicab to come forward. 

"I really just want this person taken care of," says Gloria Fuentes, Victim. 


HPD continues to search for the driver who the back of a pedicab and then decided to leave the scene Tuesday night after an Astros game. 

Gloria spoke with FOX 26, Thursday lying down because of her injuries.  She’s being loved and cared for by her family. They say, Gloria’s getting a little better and her eyes are less swollen after receiving additional care in Austin. 

Current City Councilmember and former police officer, Mike Knox says pedicabs are not the safest mode of transportation, but fault lies on the driver if involved in an accident. 

"Texas motor vehicle code allows for bicycles and pedestrians to share the road and that means drivers have to be extra careful," he said.


"Of Course when you’re leaving an Astros game, or some sort of function downtown, there’s going to be a large amount of traffic, you just need to be patient as drivers because ultimately the car is responsible for the safety of the pedestrian and bicyclist," says Knox. "And certainly if you do have an accident don’t run away from it."

Police are still looking for eyewitnesses and surveillance video. The incident happened at the intersection of Austin and Capitol. 


Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call the Houston Police Department or Crime Stoppers. 

"Just come forward please, please just man up and own up to what you did," says Fuentes. 

We reached out to Houston Public Works, which handles the permitting process for pedicabs. They say, statistic on pedicab v. Car accidents were not available. 

But The City of Houston’s Regulatory Permitting has 13 active company permits with 35 vehicle permits.  Vehicle permits renew each year, on or before February 1st.