Houston man with multiple felony charges hits, kills woman during police chase

A man is on the run after leading police on a car chase and hitting and killing a woman along the way. It happened around 8:20 p.m. on Thursday on Rebecca Street in southeast Houston. Thirty-year-old Jacolby Pendleton is now charged with felony murder in the deadly crash. Pendleton has a history of felony charges from gang activity to drug possession. 

Sixty-eight-year-old Sharon Griffin’s life was cut short after being hit and killed by a known felon. 

"She didn’t deserve that. I was just talking to her and then like 60 seconds later I saw her take her last breath," said Erika Ibanga, a witness. 

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It started after a police chase near the I-610 South Loop and SH-288. A neighbor said she was standing in the apartment parking lot when she witnessed a car speeding ending in a deadly crash. 

"The car was almost airborne because it was going so fast over this hump. It was this dumpster that was right here. The lady was standing right here, and the dumpster hit her," said Ibanga.

She said she ran inside scared for her life. The suspect’s vehicle almost crashed on her front porch.

Ibanga and her husband said they saw the suspect running from the police right outside their apartment. Surveillance video showed the man running past her apartment. 

"The guy came running out, ran through, ran upstairs, and jumped down," said Ibanga. 

The man behind the wheel who was running from the police is 30-year-old Jacolby Pendleton. Court documents show Pendleton was arrested just last week for possession of cocaine, aggravated assault, and engaging in criminal activity. 

"For reasons beyond my comprehension, he gets taken into PC, probable cause court and a magistrate gives him a PR bond on the felon possession charge and out he goes," said Andy Kahan, the victim services director of Crime Stoppers Houston.

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Neighbors are now sending their condolences to the family during this hard time. 

"Obviously, he was already wanted for other violent crimes, but this lady lost her life for nothing and I really hope they find him," said Ibanga. 

Griffin’s family describes her as a hard-working, generous, and outspoken woman. 

Houston police are asking anyone with information on the incident to call Crime Stoppers.