Houston crime: Woman faces upgraded charges in fatal stabbing

Charges have been upgraded against a woman who was initially arrested in connection with a stabbing incident that resulted in the death of a man in west Houston. The incident occurred at 12141 Richmond Avenue around 12:30 a.m. last Friday.

The suspect, Shawna Sharell Torrence, 38, is now charged with murder in the 488th State District Court. (Photo: Houston Police Department)

ORIGINAL STORY: Houston crime: Man dies after claiming woman was trying to 'kill him', charges filed

Shawna Sharell Torrence, 38, who was initially charged with aggravated assault of a family member, now faces charges of murder in the 488th State District Court.

According to the Houston Police Department (HPD), Torrence and the 39-year-old male victim were involved in a dating relationship. The events leading to the incident began when Torrence, the victim, and a witness visited several bars together. After dropping off the witness, Torrence noticed the victim, who was unresponsive, in the back seat of the vehicle. Upon touching his leg, she says she discovered it was bloody.

Torrence drove to a location on Richmond Avenue to seek medical assistance for the victim around 12:20 a.m. Friday. Patrol officers from HPD, who were at HCA Houston Healthcare West for an unrelated matter, received reports about an injured man being dropped off by an unidentified woman. Police detained Torrence as she was trying to leave.

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The victim alleged that Torrence had attempted to kill him before succumbing to his injuries despite efforts to save him, including being airlifted to another hospital.


Further investigations led to Torrence's detention and questioning. Based on the evidence gathered, the charges against her were subsequently upgraded to murder. Her total bond has been set to $750,000.

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