Houston crime: Unmarked Houston police vehicle hit by gunfire, road rage involving another vehicle suspected

The Houston Police Department is now investigating after an unmarked police vehicle was hit by gunfire on Monday afternoon. 

Authorities said the shooting occurred at 6600 Cullen in southeast Houston. 

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Officials said a sergeant, who was in the unmarked vehicle, was driving through the intersection of Cullen at Yellowstone, when another vehicle ran a red light and appeared to have been involved in a road rage incident. 

The citizen got into a road rage incident with another citizen, and the suspect, who was driving a white truck, starting shooting at the other citizens' vehicle. 

As he was shooting, he struck the unmarked police vehicle twice and wasn't involved in the road rage incident. 

Officials said the sergeant, who was working in the area and not actively engaged in a call, wasn't injured, nor were any citizens. 

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Authorities said they are working to locate any surveillance video that may have captured the incident. 

If you have any information about what happened in this incident, you're asked to contact the Houston Police Department Major Assaults Unit at (713) 308-8800