Delano Burkes still missing, Congresswoman, local Houston leaders ask public for help

Houston political and local leaders are now joining the calls for answers to the mysterious disappearance of Delano Burkes.

"We want to find Mr. Burkes," said U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. "We need everyone from the clubs, to neighbors, to look at your RING video or any kind of video that you have."

Burkes was last seen leaving McIntyre’s Bar on West 20th street in the Heights area around 1 a.m. on Nov. 13. According to Houston police, the search area should extend to anywhere in or near the City of Houston.

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"It’s our hope that we find Mr. Burkes alive," said Houston Police Department Assistance Chief Kevin Deese. "We’ve had drones out. We’ve had dogs out. Equusearch has been brought in. He could be anywhere from there and beyond."

The 26-year-old had been bar hopping with two friends that Saturday night along West 20th street to watch a UFC fight on Television. At some point, they split up. Burkes can be seen on surveillance video getting escorted out of McIntyre’s bar around 1 a.m. that Sunday morning.  Moments later, nearby cameras from business recorded Delano running alone from the bar, stumbling, almost with a limp.

"In the video you can tell he was tipsy, but it also looks like more was involved," said Karen Jeffley, Delano’s mother. "We feel like he was drugged too.  He was with a friend that he hadn’t seen for a while.  They left him at the club."

For the last 10 days, several people have been searching across the Heights area for any signs of Delano. So far, they haven’t had any luck.

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According to Houston police, Burkes's phone has been off since he disappeared.

"This isn’t like him," said Jeffley.

On Monday, Crime Stoppers of Houston offered a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to Delano, if criminal activity was involved in his disappearance.


"Right now, Crime Stoppers has an up to $5,000 reward for any information leading up, if we presume there is criminal conduct, as to why he went missing," said Andy Kahan from Crime Stoppers of Houston. "We know someone out there knows something.  The public is our best eyes and ears out there.  We’re asking you to do the right thing."

People with any information relating to this case are urged to contact the Houston police or Crime Stoppers at (713)-222-8477.

"For no one to come out, it makes us feel like it could have been sinister," said Jeffley. "We’re trying to stay positive our self."