Houston crash: Cyclist struck by multiple vehicles while trying to cross freeway

A fatal accident took the life of a cyclist on the freeway Monday night. Emergency responders went to the scene around 9:35 pm following reports of a man being struck by multiple vehicles on the northbound lanes of the 288 freeway near Calumet Street.

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According to witnesses, the cyclist, whose identity remains undisclosed pending further investigation, attempted to cross the busy freeway from the east to the west. As he neared the number 1 lane, an 18-wheeler barely avoided colliding with him. However, in the process of avoiding the collision, the cyclist lost balance and fell from his bicycle onto the roadway.

(Photo: Onscene)

Despite efforts to get back on his feet, the cyclist was tragically struck by several vehicles passing through the area. Emergency crews pronounced him dead at the scene. 


The incident caused minor injuries to the drivers of two vehicles involved, who were subsequently transported to a local hospital for treatment. Three vehicles, including the one that struck the cyclist and two others that hit his bicycle, remained at the scene as investigators worked to piece together the sequence of events.

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Authorities urge anyone with information or who may have been involved in the accident to contact the Vehicular Crimes Division at (713) 247-4072.