Homeowner shoots, fights off four attackers with a gun

A Houston man, at his own home, suddenly found a gun pressed to his head, and soon shots were fired, but he isn’t the one who was shot.  With a gun to his head, the father of three was actually able to turn the tables on his four attackers.               

“They were digging the gun further in my head,” explains Alexander Borrego.  

It was the night after Thanksgiving. “The chair was right here.  I had my feet propped up,” Borrego says as he shows us where he was seated in his driveway just outside his garage. 

Borrego, his wife and two daughters were enjoying the cool weather outside their northeast Harris County home, and out of the blue, his 3-year-old walked into the house.  His wife and other daughter followed. 

“She was outside playing in the garage.  I had the garage door open.  She had just went inside and I was bugging my wife to hurry up and come out so we could hang out and do nothing,” Borrego says.

As Borrego's family disappeared inside the house, four strangers with a gun appeared outside.  ”He runs behind me, puts the gun to the back of my head and told me to get up,” says Borrego. 

They started dragging Borrego into his garage.  ”That was the only way into the house so my first reaction was to get away from the garage door and go to the front door where it was locked.  We were in a struggle right here.  They were pulling me this way.”  

Borrego was determined to keep the attackers away from his family and he remembered he was doing something he never does, carrying his pistol in his pocket.

“Before pulling the trigger, my last thought was 'we're all going to die right here because none of them are going to get in the house,'" Borrego says. "I'm a lefty and I just turned like that and swatted the gun away from my head.” And he shot the gunman twice.

The four attackers ran. The one who was shot was lagging behind and Borrego prepared to do CPR on the person who seconds earlier held a gun to his head.  “I wasn't going to let him bleed out and die on the street like some dog.”  

Borrego believes the four targeted him because they thought he was alone, but I couldn’t help but notice a sign on his house which reads "God bless our home". He says God was certainly with him as he walked away unharmed from four attackers with a gun.

”That was divine intervention. That was the Lord. That was the Lord,” Borrego says. 

Turns out the four attackers were teenagers.  According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the gunman who Borrego shot may have been as young as 13 years old.  The teens ran to the 13-year-old's house.  His mom rushed him to the hospital, where he survived.

The investigation is ongoing as detectives work to take the four suspects into custody.

Borrego is not expected to be charged.