HISD student dressed up for prom thanks to employee who paid his way

Do you remember the Houston ISD senior who was taken prom shopping by an HISD employee? Well on Friday, he was able to don the new suit to his final high school dance!

17-year-old Darien Pruitt thought his graduating class would be heading to prom, and he would have to miss out, but HISD administrator and former Madison High employee Kevin Robinson went above and beyond for the senior.

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The two went shopping at Suitsmart in April to get the tux and was fitted with the help of Gary Dante, the President of Suitmart. Robinson paid for the whole shopping spree and Pruitt even accepted an on-the-spot job offer.

On Friday, Pruitt was able to step out of his home in his new white suit surrounded by family and friends, including Robinson, overjoyed and excited to see him off to prom.

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Madison High School Counselor Lisa Price found out Pruitt wasn't going to prom because he didn't want to be a financial burden on his grandmother. So she called in HISD administrator and former Madison High employee Kevin Robinson.

"I was contacted by his school counselor, and she said you have to meet this young man. I met him and I just fell in love with his personality," Robinson explains.

The 6'7" tall educator and his humongous heart told the teen he was going to prom and Mr. Robinson was picking up the tab. "I was jumping across my room, rolling over my bed. I was so happy. I couldn't stop telling my granny about it," the Madison High School football player told us in April.


The 17-year-old now has a new mentor and friend for life.

"I chose the white with black. To have people that care for me at the school and somebody who I just met maybe like three weeks ago to care for me so much it's a real blessing," Pruitt says.