HISD heads back to school Monday under new state appointed leadership, see the changes

Monday marks the first day of school for Houston ISD under new leadership with a new Board of Managers and state appointed Superintendent Mike Miles.

On Twitter, the district posted videos introducing regional, division superintendents on Sunday. Miles previously said in a video on Friday that the district was starting the school year with zero teacher vacancies. 

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The series of changes to improve struggling New-Education-System schools include curriculum reforms, extended school hours, and re-purposing libraries to become ‘team centers.’

Some parents said they were on edge heading into Monday.

"We’re actually new to HISD, but it’s kind of a red flag seeing a lot of different changes," said Breanna Davis. 

"It’s just scary, because a lot of kids are not getting taught the things that they need to be taught in school, and firing teachers that really care is not helping," said Tie Smith. 

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HISD teachers, like Michelle Williams, who has been with the district for over a decade, say she’s never been so nervous for the first day of school. In particular, Williams says she plans on fighting back on Miles’ latest request for open-door classrooms.

"We need to exhaust our grievance policy or legal avenues. We're going to fight it because it's negligent. It's negligent to say, 'Oh, we're going to open the doors when the schools at HISD can't even meet the safety standards that are there. It puts the students in harm's way. We have enough school shootings that have given us the information that we need, and to have nine adults say otherwise. It's mind-blowing and very disappointing that they will put us at risk based on some political alignment," Williams said. 

HISD suggests parents review their child's bus routes before Monday morning. Those with questions can call the Transportation Hotline at (713) 556-9400 and Press 2.