Help pours in for Houston woman who was robbed at gunpoint outside her home

Outrage after a woman is robbed at gunpoint on camera and some are coming together to give back what was taken from her.

Tonya Robertson is now hearing from so many Houstonians who want to try to make it right after something terribly wrong happened to her. Her screams of terror didn’t seem to phase the young gunman who brazenly robbed Robertson in her own front yard around 7:30 a.m. as she returned home from work.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Houston woman robbed outside of her own home

"I've worked for everything I have. Why would you do that to me?" Robertson asks, but her cries have touched the hearts of many others. 

"It’s just a heartbreaking situation, wasn’t nothing ok about that. I’ve been in these streets my whole life and nothing about that was cool. Just hearing her voice, you knew she really was scared for her life," says music artist Trae Tha Truth, who has set up a GoFundMe for Robertson and is helping her in a number of ways. 

"All different types of help. I’d rather just leave it at that, but just know there are a lot of people in the city and throughout the world that feel a type of way about this. So they’re going to be there to support her," Trae says. 


Robertson has a quadriplegic son and the money taken from her was to help with his care. She too has health challenges. 

"I had two heart attacks, multiple strokes." Robertson spent weeks in ICU after suffering a massive heart attack in November 2021.  

The robbery two Saturdays ago was caught on camera thanks to Robertson’s brother who insisted on installing them. 

"As soon as I put them (cameras) up, probably about three days later is when that happened," Al Robertson explained.  


A number of neighbors have stopped over to tell Robertson she’s in their prayers, even as the robbery has sent fear through the Southwest Houston community. 

"I was going to get up and water my yard early where the fertilizer was, but I said, ‘no, I’m afraid, I better not go out,’" Southwest Houston Resident Mae Young says.     

Even with all the people hoping to make her whole, Robertson realizes she may never get back the peace of mind stripped away from her. She describes the last couple of weeks as, "A living hell, nervous. Every little sound, I’m jumping up." 

In the video, you can clearly see someone driving the black four-door sedan and the gunman jumped out of the passenger seat. Robertson wants these guys caught before they do this or perhaps even worse to someone else. 

You can find the Go Fund Me for Robertson by clicking here.